Geneva to Magneaz

Travelling between Geneva and the Valle D’Ayas in Italy was yet another beautiful journey. We were on the road before 9am and soon enough passed out of Switzerland and into France.

Our way passed by Sallanches and Chamonix – which we had visited last year – and then through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. I’m really not happy underground so this 10 kilometre stretch felt like forever. Most of the time I was on the back of the bike with my eyes closed.

Then we were in Italy and country number six.
Our host lives in Magneaz; a tiny village in the Valle D’Ayas and to get here we had to cross over a mountain. Once we left the main road running through the valley out route started to climb very quickly. Then, soon enough we were over the mountain and began to descend again.
The scenery here is just fantastic – we’re simply surrounded by mountains. This is the view from our house… a bit cloudy now but still amazing!



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