Milan to Sondrio

This journey was one I was particularly looking forward to… travelling from Milan to Sondrio took us past Lecco and the mountains which I know are spectacular. Jake hadn’t been to this area before so I was looking forward to him seeing it.
Along the Lecco side of the lake, the mountains seem to rise up, straight out of the lake. It’s pretty impressive but sadly, as the road follows the narrow strip of land directly beneath the mountains, we couldn’t take any photos.

Although we couldn’t take photos looking up, the view across the lake was beautiful too.

We stopped for lunch in a small town called Mandello del Lario; the town is famous for it’s small harbour and ‘beach’ where it is common for people to sunbathe and swim. This town is also, not so coincidentally, the home of the Moto Guzzi factory.

I had wanted to visit the Moto Guzzi factory museum when we were in Italy last year, this trip was a year in waiting. The museum is housed in the same buildings used as the factory, albeit separated of course. There are 2 floors of long rooms, with dozens and dozens of motorcycles from the beginning of the company in 1919 until the present day.

After our visit we continued up the valley to the town of Sondrio where we would spend the next two nights.


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