Frastanz to Innsbruck (via a ridiculous Schloss)

Martin had suggested we visit Lech – the ski resort of choice for the European monarchs – as well as Schloss Neuschwanstein which was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria.

 Our route to Lech took us along the Flexen pass, again a beautiful road twisting and turning its way through countless mountains. I think I’ll just let the photographs speak for me here.

After about an hour we descended into Lech but we didn’t stop here. Just looking around told us it wasn’t our type of place. Every building was immaculately presented, and they were busily constructing new hotels ready for the forth coming ski season.

After Lech we were again treated to some amazing scenery. The roads here are literally clinging to the edge of the mountainside. At most turns there was no barrier, just a sheer drop we tried not to think about too much.

As we were travelling in the morning, the due was steaming off the fields in the morning sun.


Our second stop of the day was Schloss Neuschwanstein, for me though I had to just visit the outside. 

Built in the 19th Century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, this castle is representatives of a romantic interpretation of the Middle Ages. In building it he was following a fashion among the aristocracy of Europe during this period to renovate or construct palaces such as this. The myths and legends of the Middle Ages were seen as enchanting and the idea of chivalry something to be admired. Both the interior and exterior design of Neuschwanstein draws on these tales, reinterpreted by Ludwig to suit his tastes. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside but even if I had it would have been hard to find a subject: every room was so richly decorated with Gothic wooden carvings, golden frescoes, paintings and bespoke furniture that it was sometimes overwhelming.

And then after the Schloss we had to endure this horrendous scenery for another hour before arriving at our host’s place in the mountains outside Innsbruck.


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