Innsbruck to Salzburg 

Today was a long day: although we stopped several times and visited some lovely places  the end of the ride was through the traffic of Salzburg so it ended up quite exhausting.

Close to Innsbruck is a quaint town called Hall in Tyrol. I’d read online that this was a pretty place to spend an afternoon and as it was directly on our way we stopped for an hour to look around. The hardest thing here though was to get into the centre – it seemed that every road going into the centre was either pedestrianised or one way. Eventually we made it to the main square and while Jake had a coffee I took a walk. As it turned out, this main square was pretty much all there was to see so I didn’t feel so bad that Jake couldn’t walk around!

Our second stop was Achensee, or Lake Achen, a relatively small lake just north of the highway between Innsbruck and Salzburg. Louise had chosen this place as a good lunch spot and she was right, we were able to find a nice quiet spot close to the edge of the lake. We had a slow relaxing lunch, stopping for about an hour before jumping back on the bike to our next stop.


Our final stop was in Kufstein, another small village close to the border of Germany. This town seemed to be more of a tourist trap than Hall in Tyrol – the small historical centre was overpoweringly traditional. It seemed that the buildings had been made to look old rather than actually having been preserved. Shops sold steins of beer and dirndl and lederhosen, the traditional dress synonymous with this part of Europe, even the waiting staff in bars modelled them (with trainers) as uniform.

This is where the enjoyment of the journey ended unfortunately. We hadn’t planned our timing that well, and as we didn’t have a vignette we had to cross the centre of Salzburg during rush hour. Not fun at all, it took a good 45 minutes to get across even though it’s a pretty small city. Out the other side we were happy to be climbing into the hills to Plainfeld, where our next hosts lived.



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