Limburg and around 

We didn’t really want to stay in Limburg itself so found a host in a tiny village called Allendorf, around 15 km from the city.

Our ride from Nuremberg was nearly 300km so by the time we arrived we were pretty exhausted. We’d tried to do a stretch on the autobahn but this really wasn’t fun so we quickly pulled off and continued on the smaller roads. It was a much better ride for both of us after this! On the autobahn there is nothing to see and we’re blown around so much that it really isn’t enjoyable at all.

That evening we just relaxed and got to know our new host family: Ela, JJ and little 4 year old Tia. 

Ela is a photographer and it was fascinating talking to her about her work. Recently she worked on a project, started in Australia, all about promoting a positive body image for women. Trying to show women that they don’t need to adhere to the impossible images of beauty put out there by the media.

Allendorf is surrounded by fields and woodland so I couldn’t resist getting out and walking. Jake dropped me off a few kilometres up the road then I walked nearly 14 km through woodland and along the riverbank. It was really beautiful. I’ve been craving this for days. Riding through forests on our way here and not being able to stop was terrible. In three hours I saw only three people and a handful of houses and cars making it really feel like I was really alone. It was perfect.

My walk ended in a small riverside town called Obernhof. Here Jake met me and we headed into Limburg.

Limburg is a beautiful little town, we had a quick walk around together before Louise went off to do some geocaching.

That evening Ela introduced us to a new card game called Level 8, we loved it so much she bought us a copy of it and we have decided to teach it to everybody we know! We played it every night after that.

Next morning I took another walk out, this time in the direction of Mainz. Again, I passed through some beautiful countryside before meeting Jake in Michelback. While I was waiting for him I found a lovely little church.


We visited Mainz last year when we were in this area but to be honest, I don’t remember it at all! We only spent an hour or so there though (so Jake tells me!) so this time we wanted to have a bit more of an explore.

In the past Mainz was a Roman city and when I was researching things to do here I found that underneath one of the shopping malls in the city is the ruins of a temple dedicated to the goddess Isis.

After a short stop at the Zitadelle we went to find a place in the centre for a drink. As in most cities, at the centre is the cathedral and in Mainz, it’s impossible to miss this imposing building. As well as towering above the city, it’s made from a reddish-brown stone which contrasts massively with the buildings around it.

After seeing it on the menu we couldn’t resist the massive ice-cream…I followed it up with a beer. Nice and traditional eh!

On our last day in Allendorf I went our for another walk. This time I found a local ‘mountain’ and a castle to visit. At just over 400m it isn’t really a mountain but the walk was still great! At the peak I found a cross with a bird box attached. Inside was a notebook in which people had written little messages.

The castle was pretty impressive though. I came out of the woods and it was high in the cliff in front of me. From there the view must be fantastic!

For our final afternoon we took a ride to Burg Hohenstein, 20 minutes or so from Allendorf. Louise had found this castle on the map and we assumed we’d be able to get inside but sadly found it closed. It is now a hotel, used often for functions and weddings.  



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