Baarle Nassau & Baarle Hertog  

We woke up to a clear day, mainly sunny with a a little bit of cloud. Perfect for riding the bike, not too hot not too cold.


We left Mook via ferry and made our way almost entirely across the Netherlands and into Belgium to a village called Baarle Hertog and then back into the Netherlands into Baarle Nassau, and then back again, about 20 times…at least! You see there is a little village in the Netherlands called Baarle Hertog, which is actually politically part of Belgium, and in this village there are pockets of The Netherlands, which is called Baarle Nassau. Confused, well just take a look at this from google maps:

Baarle Hertog-Nassau.jpg

What you see here is a political border creating a pocket of Belgium within The Netherlands with it’s own pockets of The Netherlands inside that. This means all through the town there are real political borders that cross through houses and gardens, and streets. We couldn’t resist the silly photo opportunities.

On our way outside we saw these massive pumpkins, no idea as to how they have been grown like this but Louise did like the idea of how much soup you could make with them. 

Although the weather looks a bit bleak in these shots it stayed pleasant for the whole day and the rest of our ride to Bergen op Zoom.


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