This is our second time in Brussels; last year we had a great host – Henri – and enjoyed our stay in the city a lot so wanted to come back this year to see him and to explore a bit more. Henri had some other couch surfers staying at the same time so each evening we shared a meal and of course a selection of Belgian beers which – unsurprisingly – Jake loved! With thousands to try, he has to start somewhere!

Last year when we came to Brussels I’d wanted to visit Waterloo but for one reason to another it didn’t happen. This year I was determined! We got down there early but unfortunately Jake’s knee was having a bad day so he chose to stay in the cafe rather than walking around the museum.

I love history, especially the time of Waterloo. At this time Europe was changing so much – it was the age of Enlightenment and our knowledge and ideas of the world and of ourselves was changing so quickly and impacting on all areas of life.

For me the museum was really interesting and I was looking around for nearly two hours before I remembered Jake was waiting for me. I know he doesn’t mind but I still don’t like to leave him for too long.

After visiting Waterloo I took a walk back into the city trough some beautiful woodlands. While in the cafe Jake had been looking at jobs so went back to Henri’s place to spend an hour working on his applications.

We asked Henri to suggest a pretty place outside of Brussels for us to visit on our second day and he told us to go to Mechelen. Only half an hour drive away this is another beautiful, old Belgian city. Not much else to say really – I went for a walk and Jake had some fancy coffee!

After looking into a few places we ended up in a slightly posh cafe bar and had the fanciest coffee and tea ever!

As Louise was off to explore the city I stayed and enjoyed my coffee over the laptop. It was a really nice and relaxed cafe, even though ti was pretty posh. I was totally happy just sitting there for a couple hours doing my own thing.



As I was walking around I found loads of really interesting sculptures. Some of them deserved a photo!

And one last photo then back to Brussels.

Last time in Brussels Louise wasn’t able to visit the Atomium so I went alone. As it’s best seen at night, Henri offered to take us and our fellow couch-surfers up to see it after dark. It was built in 1958 for the World Expo and rather like the Eiffel tower, it has stood ever since. It is a replica of an Iron crystal, but blown up 165 billion times.


This brought an end to our 2 trip in Brussels. After our Atomium visit we returned to Henri’s and tasted a few more beers before saying our fair wells. Henri and the others were up and out before 8 the next morning so we weren’t going to seem them again before we left.


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