Goes and Middleburg

While staying with Ans I went out walking a few times around Goes. The town is only small but typically Dutch and very beautiful. Although we’ve been here before and I’m familiar with the town, I still enjoy very much to walk through the market square, the small streets and along the canal. The day we left, the Saturday, was market day in the city. We managed to pick up some interesting cheeses to take to Brussels with us. Not before trying a few of them first of course.

Ans used to live in a town called Middleburg, 40km from Goes. As we didn’t make it here on our last trip she was keen to show us this part of Zeeland.

Middleburg is another beautiful medieval Dutch city, bigger than Goes by a long way but still not too big. There are lots of period buildings, typically tall and ornate. I was able to take a short walk around before parting with Ans and Louise to take up my spot in a cafe.

Once in the main square Ans and I left Jake with a coffee and had another walk around. She knew all of the back streets and little alleyways linking the canals which gave me another perspective of the city. Modern development is there but it is hidden among the older buildings. From the dates we noticed, most of the town was built in the early 1700’s and is all of the same style. Ans also told me that the Queen of the Netherlands visits this town often and the people here are very proud of this and perhaps accounts for why it is so well kept and maintains this typically Dutch style.

Our visit with Ans was only short and before we knew it we had to pack our bags again and move on. See you again soon Ans!!


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